A relaxing yoga day at Banteay Srey, Kampot Cambodia

A relaxing day at Banteay Srey Spa

What better way to start a relaxing spa day with some morning yoga. It has been a while since I’ve been doing some yoga so when I was staying at Eden Eco Village I was more than excited to participate in the yoga class at their women’s spa. And it was lovely! Whether you are an experienced yogi or a beginner curious to do some yoga. This is definitely the place you want to go to.

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All classes are taught by certified volunteer yoga instructors, most of them traveling around themselves and working at the Spa teaching yoga for up to 3 months.

The women’s spa

Yoga is certainly not the only great thing you can do at this peaceful place. Banteay Srey is a women’s spa and has an extensive menu of pampering spa treatments exclusively for women. And the best part about it is the fact they are working with all organic beauty products! All home made from natural ingredients they grow in their garden.

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As a follow up to your yoga session I recommend you to book a treatment at their spa to make your day even more perfect. I had a full body hot stone massage as well as a hot stone facial and it was absolutely amazing! The girls at Banteay Srey are so professional and doing their best to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. They talked me through every step of the treatment as well as checking the pressure of the massage with me. Which is something I noticed is often forgotten at many other places I’ve been to in and around Asia.

Vegetarian Restaurant Deva

Besides the delicious smoothies available at the spa they have a variety of delicious vegetarian meals they serve at their restaurant.

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The fruit salad and home made yogurt sure left me with a happy stomach 🙂

Yoga Classes

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There are quite some yoga classes in and around the Kampot area but none at such a peaceful location with a view like this one. The yoga classes at Banteay Srey are located at their upper class deck with a peaceful view over the riverside. They have yoga classes twice a day except on Tuesdays when the Spa is closed. People from all around the area as well as travelers are participating in the classes. The morning sessions welcome both men and women while the afternoon sessions are exclusively for women.

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If you are in or around Kampot, Cambodia and in for a yoga class, make sure to check out this one! More info to be found at the Banteay Srey website: http://banteaysreyspa.org/yoga-classes/