Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day. That one big day in the year where it is all about love. But isn’t that every day? Or makes that thought suddenly an endless romantic out of me? I don’t think so. I don’t think that I am any less or more romantic than all the people buying roses, sending cards, or taking each other out for dinner and act ridiculously romantic on that one day of the year.

Secretly I would love to pretend I don’t get it. All the romantic stuff. But to be honest we are all longing for it sometimes. Yes, even those who claim that they don’t.

Inside our hearts, we all want to be loved or share the love that we have to give. The only thing that I don’t get tho is why do most of us need a reminder? We are able to show our love every day of the year. And still we, us, humans need that one day in the year to allow ourselves to show the person that we love that our heart is invested in them.

But isn’t the whole idea behind Valentine’s Day not a little cowardly? Waiting for that one day to finally show that special person you actually love him or her and then do it anonymously. That might have been romantic in the old days when people still met each other at the street corners and fell in love, took the time to write letters to express their feelings and patiently waited till their letters would be answered.

No text messages or phone calls. Just hoping they will meet each other again while waiting on the spot where they first met

But not today it isn’t. In a time where meeting each other is almost just as planned out as the whole falling in love part. Communication goes so much faster, we don’t make time to write letters, sending anonymous flowers or just be brave enough to put your heart in somebody’s hands like that.

We don’t seem to fall in love anymore, we rush into it.

And if you don’t hurry your change might be long gone. It turns us blind to recognize true love even when it is right in front of us. And makes some of us turn away even before you had a chance to tell them. So why wait? Why wait for that one special day in the year to tell those who you really love the way you feel? I think if you feel you love someone, go for it. Any day of the year. Don’t wait. And if you are one of those lucky bastards who has already found it. You may as well use that 14th of February to give that little extra. To show the person you love how much you care about him or her.

Buy those flowers, go out for dinner, bake little heart shaped cookies if that is what you’re into. Go on and be ridiculously romantic to that one special person who deserves it.

I get it. Because even though I never wasted any time on waiting for a special day to open my heart to someone. -with all the risk to get it broken – I also seem to use this day as a reminder. An opportunity to let those who deserve it know that I care for them. So this one goes out to my dearest friends who are always here for me. Sharing whatever they have for me in their heart and giving me that little extra when I get mine broken.

Happy Valentine.

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