The city that has pieces of me


“There is this place that has beauty on the sidewalk.
That I failed to see.
As the hurried and mundane
had blinded my eyes.
It was not the same.
The freedom that I could taste in the air.
But at the same time was never able to catch around here.
When riding the bicycle to my everyday hustle.
Being away from it has cleared my vision.
Maybe even have me missing it from time to time.
This place has hidden corners, back alleys and little spaces of shade along the canals.
All filled with memories.
If you look close enough and search these hidden corners.
You will find me, in pieces.
Behind the windows of the canal houses.
Where I spent a lot of Mondays
Gazing over bridges.
Fantasying over kisses.
That were once tenderly shared here.
In the park having picknick dinners.
With long lost friends.
Even on cold afternoons,
at those wooden benches along the canals.
Where I once sat with my Marlboro Reds.
And watched the boats go by.
Waving at tourists, secretly wishing I could be one of them.
Exploring this city for the very first time.
Leaving pieces of me
at places.
And rewrite history.
As sometimes,
we all wish we could see
things again for the first time.”