Thank you my dear dad

The one that learned me to fight
for al that moves in my heart.
Yes, from the start
he has learned me to believe in all that I can achieve.He showed me,
that hard work is needed.
When you really want anything,
to be succeeded.But most of all,

He loved my mom for life
made her his wife.
And showed me that true love
actually does concur all.
No matter how many times you fall.

Thanks to you,
and all that you did and still do.
I know how to get up,
When life gets me down,
and hands me heartache and pain.
You made me a fighter,
where mom made me the writer.

I may have never said;
Thank you my dear dad.

From that moment on your chest,
I knew I was blessed.

With you as my dad, you are the best.

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