Road trip Andalusia, Malaga Spain


[dropcap type=”full” ]M[/dropcap]alaga must be one of my all time favorite cities in Spain, so of course, I had to pay a visit when on a¬†road trip through Andalusia a while ago.

What I really like about Malaga, except for the fact that it’s beautiful, is that although it’s quite a big city it always has this real cozy vibe. I know¬†my way around pretty well¬†and¬†I will show you some of my favorite pictures¬†and a few highlights that might become helpful if you are thinking about visiting this lovely city.

Malaga by night




I love¬†to go on night strolls whenever I am in the¬†city. I like it when the sun is down and the streets are empty. It’s such a different sight. Besides, nothing beats the cool night breeze when your cheeks are warm from all that Spanish wine ūüôā



I have to say that I don’t mind strolling around Malaga during the day as well..


Tapas at El Pimpi

Don’t forget to stop by El Pimpi for some delicious tapas and wine. This world famous restaurant and bar is located in the heart of the city with an open terrace overlooking the Roman amphitheatre. There are many celebrities who have passed through and left their mark since its opening in 1971. It’s the perfect place for a romantic night in town. Most of ¬†the walls inside are decorated with historic feria posters and photos of visitors, while the enormous barrels are signed by more well-known folk, including Antonio Banderas.

 IMG_6412 copy


Cathedral of Málaga 

If you have never seen this church before I definitely recommend you to go in because it’s breathtaking. I love old architecture and I love buildings which walls that tell stories. I’ve made it kind of a habit to light a candle in every new and beautiful church I pass during my travels. I’ve already done this in Malaga years ago so this time around I just walked passed it, still would love to share some pictures¬†with you though. In the slider some images that capture¬†a glimpse of this beautiful church.


Castillo de Gibralfaro

I always like to get a little bit of exercise while I’m traveling and a walk up to¬†The castle¬†Gibralfaro is a good way to walk off those tapa’s ūüôā Before getting to the castle you will pass The Alcazaba with its beautiful gardens and breathtaking Moorish architecture. They are both¬†located on¬†the¬†Gibralfaro mountain. A walk up the mountain will take up to 20 minutes and is very much doable. The view over Malaga from the top of the castle is amazing and worth the walk. Feeling lazy or not really into a walk up the hill? No worries, there are also buses going up there. Check out the pictures in the slider


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Alcazaba of Malaga


The Alcazaba of M√°laga is built on a hill in the centre of the city. At the entrance of the Alcazaba are remnants of a Roman theatre dating back to the 1st century BC. Inside you will find beautiful gardens and arches with nice views over the city.


The Alcazaba’s original purpose was providing defence against pirates, thanks to its commanding position with views over the city, down to the sea and across to Africa. Today, restoration work on this beautiful place is going on since 1933. And it makes a really good place for views over the city and picture, of course.


Playa de la Malagueta


Playa de la Malagueta is a sandy city beach that is located real close to the city centre and stretches several kilometres from the port. On sunny days I love to have a midday gelato on a stroll through the beautiful park on my way to the Playa de la Malagueta.

IMG_5685Palm trees and blue skies at Malaga’s city park.

After all this time Malaga remains to be one of my favorite cities in Andalusia and I keep coming back to this place. With its delicious seafood tapas, and beautiful historic sites I probably will be having night strolls around this town for many more nights to come.


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