Rainbow of sadness

While the moon is keeping me awake, I cry over memories long gone. I  try to cherish the memories but I miss the moments. The stars seem to give me comfort so finally I fall into a deep sleep. One that takes me to places where my heart longs to be. Places were the joy seems forever, and the love is endless. I wake up to that  rainbow that seems so colourful at first sight. When I open my eyes I seem to have a smile on my face. A new day is born, another night of dreams has gone. But I smile. Because I love that moment. How I adore that moment, and embrace that moment. Those few first seconds of the day when I don’t seem to realize and where I can slide along that rainbow. Those few first seconds of every day where I don’t seem to realize yet, how much I really miss you. Because at the end of every rainbow, every morning of the day I never find myself that pot of gold but just a lake of sadness.


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