Portrait shoot, Jones by Jordi Mol [VIDEO]

Portrait shoot by Jordi Mol

Right before I left to go on this full time traveling journey I did a portrait shoot in my beloved hometown in and around one of my favorite surroundings. The Dutch dunes are located in my former hometown, near the seaside where I grew up and cherish many memories. There is something about the clean air and marram grass hills. It remains to be my favorite and for me one of the most beautiful pieces of planet in the Netherlands. It’s my haven of peace, rest, fresh air and inspiration.

So when Jordi and I decided to work together on this portrait shoot the location was not hard to choose. A visual portrait of me at the place I used to call my home. And oh how I love the outcome!


Miss Jones-29

I loved going on evening strolls when I lived here, the evening light in the forest and dunes is so magical. After dinner strolls at this place must be one of my favorite habits and something I bet I never get tired of, ever.


I met Jordi at a skate shop when I was shopping for board gear about a year ago. When we started a conversation I discovered we’d actually been in high school together a long time ago. After seeing some of his work I was immediately¬†a fan. His dreamy almost film still shots are actually suiting with my spirit. No styling, no makeup, ¬†just a little bushwalk at the dunes and his camera and chats about life and future plans turned out into these amazing visuals that will always remind me of where I came from. Literally¬†and spiritually.

Miss Jones-16

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More of Jordi’s work can be seen at his website: www.jordimol.com