Paris is always a good idea!

[dropcap type=”full” ]P[/dropcap]aris is always a good idea! And sometimes I forget how blessed I am when located in Amsterdam, with one of the dopest European cities only a car ride away..

So what do you do when you are craving for some good French wine, the best Macarones and a change of scenery? You take one of your most adventures friends, get in your car and you go on a nice little roadtrip to the city of love.

Where you can enjoy the last bits of Indian Summer in the grass while watching the tourists gathering around the eifel and have nightwalks around town.




IMG_5440 IMG_5435

The beautiful Palace of Versailles <3


Nightwalks underneath the Eiffel tower are the best!


Steaks at the legendary l’Entrecôte reminded me why I’m not a vegan:)

IMG_5364 IMG_5361


Almost never not writing…

IMG_5342  IMG_5336 IMG_5335

No trip to Paris is legit without the macarons from Ladurée



Paris; it was a pleasure again..


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