My first day of Christmas

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The first day of Christmas. So here I am in my new house. Still surrounded by moving boxes and no curtains, I’m starting to think and realize this is my first Christmas here, in my new home. My first Christmas here and I’m all alone. As I walk around the house, trying to make myself comfortable, I notice how many boxes there are and I slowly start to unpack some of them. Going through old pictures and things that I thought were already forgotten. “So this is my life, in boxes.” I can hear myself think.

And all of a sudden I can’t help but wonder how I got here. About all the little decisions I made and about the big ones. About the people who supported me along the way and those who didn’t. About how life sometimes seems like it is built all on decisions. And how even the smallest decision can completely change a direction.

Most of the time we aren’t even aware of it. But all of a sudden we find ourselves in situations, at places with or without people, totally unexpected. But what if I had missed the train that day? Or decided to take another road? What if I had stayed at places where I left, or left from places where I stayed? And what is it that made me do the things that I have done the way I did it? The answer for me is very simple; my heart. My heart is what makes me decide to do the things that I do and have done.

When I think about it I start to realize that every decision I made, whether good or bad, are decisions that made me what I am today and brought me where I am today. And I should be grateful. Because where I am now, at the first day of this years Christmas, is where I am supposed to be.

And I hope you can say the same, at least for today. Because we all know, when you let your heart speaks what a difference a day makes.

Merry Christmas.



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