Mount Agung – Massive Mother of Messages

Picture by the talented  @jademorssinkhof 

She has been giving us all warnings for quite a while now. For months we, especially the local people living close to this powerful beauty, have been waiting for her to express herself, to let it all out.

Mount Agung was about to erupt. And she had everybody holding their breath while waiting for the moment it would happen. It wasn’t the question whether she would erupt but rather when she would.

She took her time and right when everybody far away forgot about her, she made sure we got reminded. She showed us one of the powers of mother nature, putting us as tiny human beings in our place of basically being not more than helpless creatures watching it all happen. So flights got canceled, homes abandoned and news outlets went overboard.

I personally always felt a strong connection with this volcano. Her appearance always impressed me, ever since the first time I saw her, about ten years ago. Once upon a time, I wanted to climb her but I ended up too sick to do the trekking. Somehow she always reminds me of my younger brother who I am far away from a majority of my time but feel so strongly connected with.

She is mysterious and powerful. She is the Massive Mother of messages to me.

It doesn’t matter where I am in or around Bali, she always seems to show a glimpse of herself to me at moments my heart or head seem more puzzled than ever. Every-time her appearance shows itself to me I seem to get an epiphany of some sort. Either a realization, a reminder or memory comes up whenever she shows her presence to me. Leaving me nostalgic, wondering and realizing. It has been this way for as long as I’m visiting Bali and it’s surroundings and since the first time I saw this volcano.

Her mystic presence always had an intimidating effect on me. I remember the first time I saw her massive being. It was a clear afternoon and I could see her very well. An ocean between us and clouds around her top. “It’s a sleeping volcano.” they always told me. Somehow all I could ever think was;

“She’s awake and aware, trust me. And one day she’ll be sure to let us know…”

I guess that day has come and while it did I was being sick, inside my room about 30 km away from this massive beauty. She spewed ashes and lava on and off during these days after the first eruption causing my scheduled flights to get canceled more than once.

Crazy enough this put me in some surprising but lovely situations that I wouldn’t want to have missed out on. So it seems no matter what she is doing, she is always providing me with signs and messages that lead me into the right direction somehow.

I guess what she was trying to tell me is that no matter how much I try to plan, schedule and figure my life out it really doesn’t matter.

Life can change in an instant and so can one’s heart. Like a quiet volcano that seemed asleep for many years and suddenly wakes up to shake things up.

My heart has woken again.

Note: I realize the eruption of Mount Agung effected a lot of local people in Bali living close to the volcano. From my heart, I hope nobody got hurt and people are able to return to their homes as soon as possible without too much devastation caused. I’ll promise to do everything in my power to help on this matter offering whatever is needed and I can give.