My little paradise in Thailand; Koh Samet

Little Paradises in Asia

I have this theory on the discovery of new places of paradise I ran into along my travels through Asia. The theory is as follows; when you discover new little gems of heaven, places that are literally like a little paradise on earth, like small islands with the best white beaches and such, make sure you enjoy it to the fullest, take it all in, then leave and never come back.

Why? Because it will never feel the same again nor will it look the same as that perfect picture framed in your head. In Asia things change so quickly, especially small islands and quiet little places can turn into a tourist place in the blink of an eye. So whenever you discover your own little asian gem my advice remains to cherish the memory of that place and let it be.



Ao Nuan at Koh Samet in Thailand

Quite some time ago during one of my solo travels, I discovered a place called Ao Nuan at Koh Samet. A relatively small island at the coast of Thailand a few hours drive from Bangkok, Koh Samet was not as busy and crazy as the other islands I knew down the South of Thailand. The perfect place to escape the hectic city life of Bangkok.

Back in Bangkok again and in desperate need of some tropicalness within a couple of hours away I decided to break my own rule and go back to Koh Samet and see if Ao Nuan is still the little paradise I remembered it for.



The sunrises at Ao Nuan are like no other.

I was a little nervous when I arrived at the island. Although it was low season the island looked way more crowded than I could remember with at least double the amount of hotels and even some big resorts. Also, there were a lot of taxis and instead of walking to Ao Nuan like I did the first time I discovered the place, I was dropped off by one of the taxis as if it was a daily routine. Not a good sign, as it was supposed to be my little secret getaway.

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Even on a cloudy day this place feels like a peace of heaven on earth.

Finally arriving at Ao Nuan, it still felt like a trip down memory lane.

It might have changed a bit but not necessarily for the bad. The tiny minimal treehouse I used to stay at made room for a slightly bigger version and they built a couple of extra cottages, but just a few. The remote beach in the mean time was discovered by many others as well, making it not asquiet as I remember. But still, the vibe was pretty much the same, laid back, peaceful and relaxed. And because it was low season it was still very empty. In the morning having the beach all to myself what makes this still a very special heavenly like place.

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My crazy little Gekko friend helping me to keep my cottage musquito free. A view that I will never get tired of. And a stranded hat at the beach of Ao Nuan.

The “fruitman” passes the little beach at Ao¬†Nuan¬†almost every day with fresh fruit and cold coconuts ¬†


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If you are planning to visit Koh Samet this is definitely the place you want to stay at. They still don’t have an internet site nor an e-mail address but you can call them at +6638 644 334 or just try your luck by stopping by.

Enjoy and relax!


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