Letting go can be horribly difficult.

Letting go - Poet Jones

Today I witnessed a tragedy
A couple broke up in front of me
At the coffee shop where I usually go to do some work

It happened quietly in between the hustle and bustle, the cappuccino and late macchiato.
It seemed like nobody really noticed. Espresso shots while they were shot in the heart. I saw it and I felt it.
The world kept on spinning while theirs stood still. And right in that moment I was with them. Still, quiet and hurting.

Maybe it takes a broken soul to notice something breaking in the middle of entirety
I saw it coming and my heart broke for them.
Her lip shivered and his jaw was tight both fighting the tears and frustration. Sips of home made ice tea in between.

They traded words I couldn’t hear and signs of devastation. Body language not in need of translation.
A desperate attempt to save what they seemed to have already lost a long time ago.

Words alternated by deep sighs not to be heard, but sensible from miles away. Small touches filled with nostalgia. It seemed the missing of one another had already started. It was’t the quick “rip off the band-aid” kind of breakup. No, they dragged it on. For hours, and hours.

I could image them having the same conversation over and over again. Waiting for one another, to free each other from their suffering.  A failing attempt to make the fall a little less painful, the crash a little more subtle. Letting go can be horribly difficult.

In the background the shrinking contrast of a kiss on the cheek by a couple in love.

Today I witnessed a tragedy.
A couple broke up in front of me.
At the coffee shop where I usually go to do some work.
Another love lost, another union broken.

You know, I was once like that.
Part of a union that fell apart.
In the midst of the noise of daily life in a coffee shop in Paradise
Letting go can be horribly difficult.
But unimaginably liberating.

It took me some time to realize that. And I hope they will too.
Realize that sometimes in life, sometimes in love letting go is the best thing to do

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