Think before you Ink or go to Laser A | Tattoo Removal AMSTERDAM

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My body as a diary

Those who know me, know I’m not a stranger when it comes to tattoos. I kind of use my body as a diary. Every symbol, phrase or line tells a story about my life. Over the years my tattoos became part of me. A little while ago somebody asked me how many tattoos I have. I had to count them and realized at the moment there are fifteen in total. Fifteen memories, reminders, symbols and stories inked into my skin. They are all different but the one thing they have in common is the fact that they tell a story.

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Think before you ink

Except for one.. What can I say. It’s the only tattoo on my body that doesn’t really have a story except for the fact I was heavily under the influence when I got it. And that isn’t a great story at all and I don’t want to carry it with me anymore – besides, that the thing is just Goddamn ugly and it doesn’t suit me at all, it never did. So I’m currently in the process of removing it by laser. If you find yourself in a place where your tattoo is bothering you so much you want to get it removed there is only one place in Amsterdam I would recommend you to go to Laser A | Tattoo Removal

Of course I could write an entire article about regrets and lecture everyone to think before getting inked, but I won’t. The only thing I’m going to say about it is; do whatever you think is right, live a little because life can be over by tomorrow. But please do realize a tattoo is permanent.

Although tattoos in general are way more accepted within society than a couple of years ago, there are still certain industries and people that will look at you with raised eyebrows if you indulged the sin of getting your skin inked.

I’d like to express myself through my tattoos and I think everybody has the right to do so as long as the expression isn’t anything racist, discriminating or harmful to others in any way.

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Your tattoos may tell stories about you, they don’t define you. The way you look should never define you.

But hey, unfortunately there are still a lot of narrow minded people in this world so if your dream is to make a career as a high end lawyer or to work in a large corporate environment you might want to consider placing your tattoo on your arm instead of your face and you might want to think twice before getting those “jobstoppers” on your fingers.

Why I recommend Laser A

The reason I first came to Laser A | Tattoo Removal is because they work with the PicoWay laser. In case you never heard of this (new) laser technic, let me tell you a little something about it .

The PicoWay is proven to be the best picolaser on the market. Laser A works with KP-certified skin therapists that are both skilled and honest. I researched the various lasers and established that the PicoWay had the highest peak-power when compared to others like the Picosure and the Picoplus4. The benefit is that the effect of a treatment is the highest and that there is the least chance of damage to the skin. On top of that, Laser A is 100% specialized in tattoo removal and they clearly shared the same goal as me: to get the tattoo removed as fast as possible without scarring.

The reason why I keep coming back to this place is the way they treat their clients. Sera and her staff are always super friendly and have the talent of making me feel comfortable during an uncomfortable treatment and that, my dear readers, is gold to me.

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Getting your tattoo removed by laser hurts like hell. I’m not going to lie; it is definitely way more painful than getting one but to me it is worth it. Most pain is during the treatment itself which is done within minutes. From there on the pain only gets less.

Normally it’s advised to get your laser treatment every 8 weeks because your skin needs time to heal between sessions. Because I spend most of my time living in Bali I have to wait and get my laser treatments whenever I’m in Amsterdam. This makes my process a little longer but that’s okay. They say good things take time.