Jet Black Ginger; the new go-to for hair and beauty in Canggu


So the other day I got to check out this new hair and beauty place in town called Jet Black Ginger. Run by the talented hairdresser Rianni Hustler, Jet Black Ginger offers more than just hair treatments, coloring, and cuts. On the first floor of the salon, they have a stunning area dedicated to beauty and nail treatments.

The interior has a lot of grey, concrete and dark velvet, which I absolutely LOVE. The big windows are letting tons of natural light in and all the lovely plants are taking in the tropical vibes.

While relaxing in one of their comfortable chairs and getting pampered you can relax and gaze out of one of the massive windows observing the hustle and bustle of Canggu.

Although located at the quite busy Jl. Raya Semat, inside it feels like a haven of peace and serenity, without any sound of motorbikes passing by, giving you the chance to fully relax and enjoy the treatments.




Because I was about to jet-off to Sulawesi for a little island getaway, the mani-pedi and facial couldn’t come at a better time! I felt completely¬†refreshed and ready for my beach getaway.

To be really honest I don’t remember much of the facial treatment because I totally fell asleep! So she must¬†have done something right to get me so relaxed to the level I checked into dreamland because that usually never happens ūüôā

As for the nails, I opted for white as I always love how that seems to make my hands and feet look more tanned. I’ve noticed white nail polish is challenging to apply streak-free, even for professionals¬†but the girls at JBG did an excellent job, making me feel happy and refreshed.


Where to find the Jet Black Ginger Salon: