I lost you way to many times before,
but this time I know I should let go.
Just let you get taken by the storm of life.
So I won’t fall three times in a row.
And although it is kind of lonely in the middle of this hurricane,
at least it is all quiet, calm and without rain.
In that moment of awareness, there is complete silence
and I am standing on my own.
Watching my world get shattered around me,
makes me feel helpless and alone.
When a moment of weakness will bring me down to my knees,
I will surrender,
and with my head in my hands I am begging for some peace.
I close my eyes and wait without any fear,
that this storm will break me as I know the end is near.
Around me you are flying with all that has been.
Thoughts turning into memories, actions turn into sins.
When it is all over I will open my eyes gratefully.
I’ll let you go with happy memories and accept that all will be.
Knowing that around me there will be some devastation,
but nothing that will break me.

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