HOTEL REVIEW: Eden Eco Village, the eco heaven of Kampot, Cambodia

While looking for an eco-friendly place in the Kampot area we found a piece of true eco heaven located along the riverside named Eden Eco Village. One of the most peaceful, romantic places out there.
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Eden Eco Village Kampot is situated along the riverside, in a small fishing village¬†about 20 minutes out¬†of the town of Kampot and a three-hour drive from Phnom¬†Penh city. ¬†It’s truly a one of a kind place and the perfect getaway from the hustle and turmoil of the city life in Phnom Penh.

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The bungalows

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The bungalows are simple yet, very comfortable. They all include ensuite sinks, showers and eco or flush toilets as well as solar powered lights. Some of the luxury bungalows even have charging outlets, a fridge, electric lights, and a fan. Although the river breeze at night was enough for me to keep me cool and comfortable. The balcony had huge doors that make it able to enjoy the breathtaking river view and  dream away to natural night sounds.
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The outdoor showers are the best thing! There is nothing more refreshing as taking a shower while the morning sun is kissing your skin.

The environment

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Eden Eco Village is located within one of the most beautiful environments around Kampot. Even though the bungalows are perfect to chill in while gazing at the amazing views, there are also many other things to do in and around Eden.

The village, the surroundings and the people are a true bliss to explore. My advice is to take one of the free bicycles that are available at Eden and go around exploring.

There is something about the way you really get to know a place when going around on a bicycle instead of a motorbike or tuk-tuk.

It slows you down, in a good way. It gives you time to look around, connect with the people and explore all things a bit more at ease.


The only way to get to the other side of the river is by a tiny motorless ferry boat owned by one of the local families. Return fare is 4000R (1 USD) or 8000R (2 USD) if you take a bicycle across with you.


Explore the other side and use this opportunity to visit the Banteay Srey Women’s Spa¬† for a yoga session or a relaxing spa day. A hilarious ‚ÄúWhoop‚ÄĚ while waving your arms in the air is all that’s needed to get the boat when you’re ready to come back.

eco resort kampot eden village

If you are feeling more lazy then soak up the sunbeams from your bungalow terrace. Cool down by going for a refreshing swim in the river or relax in an innertube while peacefully floating on the river waters. Are you more the gazing type? Not to worry, they even have fishing rods available for those who would like to fish for tiny fish. Whatever way you would like to connect with the water, you can dive straight into the river from your hut!

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After a day of exploring or gazing, falling asleep with the sounds of nature surrounding you is one of the most soothing things ever. But if you are not feeling like sleeping, staring at the night sky while floating on the river is pretty magical just as catching the fireflies that come out to play at night. This place is straight out of a fairytale.

The sunset view from my hut ❤

Beyond Eco Friendly

It is safe to say that at Eden they are beyond eco friendly. All bungalows are built out of recycled and organic materials and provided with Solar Power. In and around Eden they recycle and compost as much as possible. Their compost toilets are a perfect example of that.

Their kitchen is like a magic box that transforms organic ingredients into the most delicious dishes and their plans for organic permaculture farming, and laying hens to produce eggs sound very promising.

Besides, they support local small businesses by hiring and training local villagers wherever possible in order to contribute to the economy and capacity of the community.  The local staff within the Eden family has lots of knowledge of the village and have a natural and gentle way of making you feel welcome and at home.

eco resort kampot eden village Nothing goes to waste. Loved the fact that even my visit to their compost toilets contributed to fertilizing the garden.

Home made food

Eden might be a bit remote from the Kampot centre, their restaurant leaves you with absolutely no reason to leave the place! With the most delicious home made, all organic food and a different breakfast special daily you will find yourself in food heaven. Have breakfast on their upper deck with views over the river or order room service and have dinner at your bungalow terrace while watching the sunset. There is nothing more romantic, I swear!

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Even though Asia has the best food on the planet, there is one thing that I really miss when I’m in Asia; good bread! There’s nothing like a good piece of fresh bread that just came out of the oven. And guess what? ¬†At Eden Eco Village they make their own bread! It’s seriously one of the best I’ve ever tasted in my whole life. ¬†A real must when you are at this place I promise you, you will absolutely love it!

The people behind Eden


Eden is owned by Freya, an amazing and fascinating woman with an obvious and outspoken love for Cambodia and its people. Freya lived at one of the bungalows at Eden for a couple of years, before she decided to build Eden. The place and its location brought her so much peace and comfort and she wanted to give others the opportunity to experience this as well. And with that Eden Eco Village was born.

Freya isn’t always around Eden as she’s also very actively involved at Banteay Srey Women’s Spa. But when she is around Eden you will probably recognize her bold energy and warm character.

Eden is a true haven of peace and serenity and knowing it was created by such a lovely, warm hearted person makes the place even more special.

Book your bungalow direct at Eden via their website or by sending an e-mail to Freya.