Digital nomad diary; “I might be going, but I will never leave.”

Thoughts of a digital nomad; the beginning

They say the downside of being a traveler is that after your first long travel, after your first experience of real freedom you will never really feel at home at any place and you definitely won’t be able to find your way back home again. You are infected with wanderlust, with the endless urge to explore and discover new places, people and experiences. From my own experience, I know for a fact this is true.

I went on my first solo trip almost ten years ago. Back then there were no such thing as Instagram, smartphones or apps. I travelled without a phone with limited access to internet. Having to update my family and friends at crappy internet cafe’s I ran into along the way. The good thing about this is I was able to experience it all more intensely in the moment. I met a lot of awesome people from around this globe, fellow travellers and locals and I gained a lot of wisdom and even some friendships out of these meetings and conversations. I visited the most beautiful places and very often I forgot to bring my camera with me.

The fact that I have been able to travel like this still feels like gold.

Coming home after this trip kind of changed¬†everything for me. I struggled for a long time finding my way back into the structure of a “normal” life and the hurried way of daily life at home. I got myself a job again at a cool agency (even though I never really had any career plans or cared for that) and found my outlet in writing poetry, performing and acting while going on as many trips I was able to. This went on for a while until¬†my heart’s desire took over again and I left for another long solo travel yet again.

When arriving back home from this trip, I was determined to make some money and take off again as soon as I was able¬†too. That didn’t happen as quickly as I was hoping for… What can I say, life kinda got in the way and decided I had to go through some stuff first. Yeah, life really can be a dick sometimes, but hey, I survived. It took another few years before I was able to pack my backpack again and this time, I was going back to my roots, travelling to my beloved Asia with a special visit to the Moluccan islands together with my family. This was more than special and it was during this trip I decided¬†Asia and especially Bali is probably a better place for me to stay and live.¬†My soul and body simply connect way better when I’m around there.

For the first time in my life,I didn’t really feel the urge so much for traveling and discovering new places. It felt like I finally found my place. And it was heartbreaking to leave again.

So back home with a determined mindset, I started to create a plan to leave for good. And of course, life started to interfere. ¬†But this time in a surprisingly good way; I fell in love. With a soul who was completely on board with my ideas and plans but had the feeling he hadn’t seen the world for himself quite enough yet. Again my wanderlust awakened and we adapted the original plan and decided to become digital nomads and travel the world together while working and writing along the way.

Writing has always been an important part of my life and being able to write about what I love the most makes my heart smile for the whole world to see.

So after a year of plotting and planning, it was time to leave. Not really sure where to but pretty sure it will lead to adventure and some life enriching experiences. As you might understand by now this is a dream I’ve been dreaming of, for a very long time. And I’m over the moon I’m finally able to live my dream and share this. By sharing our experiences and flashbacks to earlier travels I hope we are able to inspire others to follow their heart desires and provide fellow travelers with tips, tricks, and buck loads of inspiration.

And to all those we leave behind at “home” I would like to say; I might be going but I will never leave. As our fingerprints will never fade from the lives we’ve touched.


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