Christmas in Trysil, Norway

Just like last year I’ve been spending the Christmas days with my family in Norway. Besides some well deserved quality time with the family and an overload of Christmas food I was also looking forward to hitting the slopes of Trysil to practice some snowboarding.

Unfortunately the conditions weren’t as good as last year as there wasn’t that much of snow. Still the Norwegian managed to make some parts accessible for skiing and boarding and I got to give them hands down for that.

What I also love about this area is the fact the lighting is always so beautiful. It’s a real treat for everyone who has some sort of love affair with photography. On bright days there is not much of sunlight during the day because the sun rises to come up for a few hours a day. And when it’s out it’s never very up high in the sky making the horizon either pitch black or a beautiful color palette of blue, purple, orange, pink and red.

Because I did not post anything of my visit last year I’ve decided to include some pictures of that trip as well as those are totally worth sharing and I can’t believe I haven’t done that before!

My Chistmas days were filled with love and good food and I sincerely hope yours where as well. Hopefully you can enjoy a part of my views from Norway.



IMG_3353 (1)




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