Breakfast in Siem Reap – Cafe The Hive

[dropcap type=”full” ]A[/dropcap]fter spending some days dreaming in between the ruin temples of Siem ReapĀ it was time to head over to Phnom Penh. Our bus left at midday so we had a little time left to check out one of Siem Reap’s most well-known coffee cafe’s that instantly became one of my favorite spots.

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Siem Reap’s best breakfast place & coffee cafe; The Hive

The only thing I probably don’t like about this place isĀ that I didn’t go there any earlier! I only had time for a quick breakfast and a coffee but it was enough to instantly fall in love with this place. I completely understand why this is consideredĀ as one of the most popular coffee shops in Siem Reap. And with a fairly good wifi connection a perfect place to set up your remote office for a couple of hours. Their juices are absolutely amazing and fit perfectly in my healthy food regime. The menu exists of a variety of healthy and very yummy breakfast and lunch options. And their coffee is quite serious.

They care, not only for my breakfast and coffee but also for the future of the people of Cambodia.

The staff is very friendly and the brief butĀ pleasant encounter with the Australian owner on my way out gave me the impression this is a happy place. They also just became part of a great community calledĀ Friends-International that is helping to protect children from abuse. They are the first cafe in Siem Reap to undertakeĀ ChildSafe Movement training, hands down to the Hive for that.

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The modern, simple but yet artisticĀ interior makes this place having the perfect vibe to sit down with your laptop and get some work done while sipping on one of their detox juices. Which is exactly what I did šŸ™‚

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Even though I appreciate my fried noodles and eggs in the morning it’s really nice to have some nutritious porridge every now and again. This coconutĀ version they serve is delicious and fresh tropical fruit always get me into a happy mood in the morning!

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The breakfast wrap was also aĀ fulfilling choice. And if you are a coffee lover this place definitelyĀ has some good options for you.

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Because I couldn’t choose I had to try them all..! And guess what? Their home made sweets such as chocolate chip cookies a granola bar and the refreshing “Lime Blondie” lime cake turned out to be the perfect goodies to keep us satisfied during ourĀ 6-hour bus rideĀ to Phnom Pehn. (It would have been more fun for me if they also served a gluten free version but they are forgiven..) Surely I’ll be back next time I’m in Siem Reap again!

The Hive Cafe is located right behind the Riveira hotel in Siem Reap.

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