Bali babe: Jade Idzhar – Bali Boat Shed’s designing force

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Every week I sit down with an inspiring island babe to have a salty talk about life on the island. This week Iā€™m talking to Jade Idzhar, headĀ fashion designerĀ for Bali Boat Shed and my lovely and always fun friend since I met her on the island in 2013.

// About this Bali Babe

Name: Jade Idzhar

From:Ā Adelaide, Australia

In Bali Since: 2013

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How did you fall in love with this island?

I think as soon as I got to Indonesia I fell in love with it- something about this place works well for me, its like the same way you fall in love with a person, you have the excitement part and then you start to see the flaws and imperfections of it but you love it anyway, maybe even more.

What made you eventually move to Bali?

I guess I never really saw myself living in Australia longer than I needed, I came back to Indonesia after high school and spent some time in Jakarta, I loved it there also- but as soon as I got to Bali things just worked out.

The way I moved here was so organic it would’ve been a sin to not just roll with it.Ā I moved over with $400 and started working in a bar and just made it work.

From that moment on,Ā  it has been blessing after blessing with lots of growth and lots of fun along the way!

What is it that you do here (work wise), can you tell us a little more about your journey?

I am head fashion designer for Bali Boat Shed where I’m in charge of designing 3 completely different in-house labels (Bali Boat Shed, Mosey Loves Elvis and Supernormal)Ā  I work with literally the most amazing and dynamic team, IĀ  have the best boss in the world that genuinely wants all of his staff to grow and succeed. I work with a team of women who are all individual and so smart and talented it blows my mind, we are a really strong team that believes in our company so it is really amazing to go to work every day and feel that, we just pull it together, god knows how but we do. I feel like we need our own reality TV show sometimes.

What is it that Bali has, that you were missing at the place you are from?

My hometown is beautiful but I really love the community here, I love that there is such a talented and creative group of young and excited people, the sky is the limit, it’s so culturally diverse and there are people from all walks of life, people from all different situations who are achieving some amazing things. I like that you are not tied down to situations just because they are easy, I like that here, you have to work for what you got, you literally have to create your own weird little lifestyle!

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What was the hardest part of moving/living here?

I know I am supposed to write something about how tough it was, but honestly, it was the easiest thing that I’ve ever done- leaving Australia was totally inevitable and too easy.

How does a random day on the island look like? Can you run us through a day in your life on the island?

Wake up (naturally) I hardly use an alarm because I wake up in time to do my things. I’ll get some nice breakfast when I’ll pull out my laptop and start working. After breakfast, I usuallyĀ head to the office and work on from there.Ā  Mostly more practical tasks and going over collections.Ā I’ll snack again and when the day is doneĀ I’ll go home. SometimesĀ I have a training session with my personal trainer, other timesĀ I go out for dinner with friends.Ā SometimesĀ I’llĀ order take away and stay in to watch movies but

I’m not shy of a night out thatā€™s for sure!Ā Good thing that there are some many options on this island.

There is also a big chance you’ll see me on a dance floor somewhere causing some trouble šŸ˜‰Ā 

What is it you love the most about living life in Bali?

Just all the great humans that come into my life! I love that I am not conforming to things we were taught was normal in Western education, I love driving my motorbike and listening to music, and I love that sometimes I look out my window and see colors I’ve never seen and even my commute into work is so picturesque. I love on a Friday night I am amongst some of the most incredible people drinking and laughing till our bellies hurt and then on a Monday I’m in the office making sure everyone will love and buy all Bali Boat Shed’s collections. I love the beaches, beautiful local people, smiley strangers, corn on the road-Ā Ā I’m lucky as hell.


What are you missing most from your hometown/country?

My family, goat cheese, and Adelaide wine.

What surprised you the most about Bali and the life here, is there something you didnā€™t expect or werenā€™t prepared for?

I guess how much your inner circle of friends really become your family here, we all are here for one reason or another, but all find so much strength love and inspiration in each other.

People really are compassionate and open here.

Some of the friendships I’veĀ built here have helped grow and shape me as a person in a very positive way. It is serious business this girl gang, absolute sisterhood at its finest.

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What are your future dreams and goals here on the island, what would you like to achieve?

Here we go…haha! Well, I guess to keep kicking goals for Bali Boat Shed, I love the company and we are rapidly growing and expanding which is super exciting, so I really want to keep growing with this business and growing as a designer.Ā Ā I want to see my own brand that I’m currently working on doing well also, just organically and low key though, I really want to create something with no expectations.

For now, it’s just really clear I need to create.

But ultimately I’d like to live on a big beautiful block of land, in a simple house, with a veggie garden and work studio.Ā And a man that sets my soul on fire and just make a beautiful life and hopefully age well.

What would you advise anybody who wants to move to the island of Bali or want to move to another country in general?

Just go! I donā€™t think we are meant to play life safe, just bite the bullet you will be surprised how things work out when you take a chance. It’s kinda sexy to be reckless so just do it.

Follow more of Jade and her island lifestyle on Instagram: @jada_idzharĀ 

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