400th anniversary of the canals of Amsterdam

400th anniversary of the canals of Amsterdam, I drink to that! (with The Poetry Pusher)

When Justing Samgar aka The Poetry Pusher asked me if I would be interested to participate in an awesome poetry video to promote the 400th anniversary of the canals of my beloved Amsterdam (and the poetry collection “Blauw Goud” that will be published in honor of that fact), it didn’t took me very long to say yes. The fact that Moët & Chandonwere also involved in this project it just painted a big smile on my face. I think by now we all know my love for the city Amsterdam and it’s magical canals is never ending and I love a glass of good champagne any day.. It was a very early and cold but wonderful morning while the guys of Kraftstof where shooting the video and I got to meet the talented Julia Philippens. Basically I spent a whole morning on the canals of Amsterdam, listening to poetry and live violin music while drinking champagne. Who wouldn’t like that? I have to admit that by the time I got off to boat and it was time for some lunch I was indeed a little tipsy. Let’s just hope that didn’t effect the outcome of the video too much.. Well I let you be the judge of that.



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