Volunteering in Cambodia [VIDEO]

Volunteering in Cambodia

There are many ways to contribute to making this world a better place for future generations and one of the things you may want to consider while traveling is to do some volunteer work for a period of time. Besides giving back to the community, you will gain new experiences and insights as well as the opportunity to create real connections with the people of the country you are visiting.

I’ve been in Cambodia many times before and`I’ve been involved with some volunteer work in the past. Just because I wanted to give back to the community that has been so welcoming to me. If you are currently traveling through South East Asia and Cambodia and you are looking for nice opportunities to do volunteer work read along,

Cambodian Buddhism Association for Vulnerable Children (CBAVC)

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It’s been almost ten years ago when I first visited Cambodia and fell in love with this country and its people. ¬†It was during this visit I became friends with a couple of monks at Wat Polanka. One of them,¬†San Van, started his own NGO in 2012; The Cambodian Buddhism Association for Vulnerable Children also known as CBAVC. ¬†A Non-Governmental, non-profit organization with a mission to implement humanitarian projects through local authorities, government agencies and other NGOs to reduce illiteracy in areas of extreme poverty.

volunteering cambodia Taking a stroll through the country side towards the Bark Angrout Village School with Kong San who willingly showed me around the CBAVC projects.

They support vulnerable children and women in the areas of CBAVC operation, which presently includes Bark Angrout Village School and Boeng Dounpa Village School, both in the Siem Reap Province. They ensure equal rights to good quality practical and moral education as well as improving health and living conditions.

They have successfully built over 200 water wells thanks to donations (the costs for building a water well are 230 USD) as well as providing many families in the countryside with toilets.

My visit to the Bark Angrout Village School

Meeting up with San Van after so many years was a very special experience for me, of course. I was very curious about the CBAVC projects and excited to drive up the countryside and pay a visit to the Bark Angrout Village School and San Vans lovely family.

school project0394

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I brought some toys for the kids to play with as well as donated some pencils for them to use in school and they loved it. Check out the video below on my visit to the Bark Angrout Village School

What could you do to help?

Even when you don’t have the time to commit a long period of time to volunteer work you could always go up to the school to donate some toys, toothbrushes or whatever it is that you can miss. Or simply spend some time with the kids as a¬†small gesture of some loving attention could make a big difference.

When speaking with the head teacher of the Bark Angrout Village School;¬†Mr¬†Sath Ram I asked him what, besides teachers, the school could really need at the moment. He told me he would love to have a small garden at the school were they could grow some vegetables and have some chickens so they could provide the children with a meal. As most of the kids don’t get any lunch in between lessons, simply because their families can’t afford to provide three meals a day.

school project0418

Meet Ra, a young boy living near the Bark Angrout Village School. He was hanging around at the playground of the school when he caught my eye. He kept staring at me while silently fiddling up a piece of plastic between his fingers. Ra can’t write or read and he barely speaks. His family can’t afford for him to go to school, so he can’t participate in the lessons or school activities. Still, he hangs around the playground almost every day watching the kids play from a distance. It are kids like Ra that CBAVC tries to provide for and it are kids like Ra that make me want to make a difference.


Looking for teachers!

interview volunteering cambodia

CBAVC is looking for volunteers who are able to work as a teacher in English or French at the Bark Angrout Village School. They offer this amazing homestay they built near the school right next to the house of San Vans family. The homestay offers private rooms and a shared bathroom and toilet. Delicious local food is offered for small prices as well.

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You will work 5 days a week with the weekends off to explore the beautiful countryside, learn more about the farmers and their work or take a trip to Siem Reap. If you are interested to work as a volunteer, you can send an e-mail to CBAVC or contact San Van (first name Van) directly at: sanvan@cbavc.org

Let me know how things went!

I am very curious to know about your experiences. Share your story in the comment box below as I really would love to read about it.