The journey

With most designs born over fried rice and a salty island breeze, all creations are made to appreciate the journey over the destination

All products are created and individually burn marked by hand. The handmade crafts consist entirely of natural materials such as leather, cork, and recycled paper.

Individually created with uttermost care and love every single Poet Jones piece is unique.

“I would like for people to start writing their own story in their own authentic way. Through art, through music or any way that suits your soul. It doesn’t really matter in what way, I bet my designs could contribute to you telling your story.”


The paper used for the books and stationery is handmade and 100% recycled. Every sheet of paper has gone through a detailed process of recycling and creation while it is dyed using turmeric spice to add subtle color.

Created out of countless pulped pieces of old paper every single sheet takes about a day to cook, press and sun-dry totally depending on weather conditions. A process reminding you to take life – and the weather – as it comes.

Because every piece of paper has gone through such an attentive process, each page already has a story to tell on its own.