Silky talks with Gertrude Silk

Silky Talks in Gertrude Silk

Those who know me and my style know I often aim for classy but comfortable. I like outfits that represent my personality or mood and compliment the parts of my figure I feel comfortable with. Most of my looks have a bit of a tough look to it with a feminine touch.

I believe the most important thing when it comes to style, is to wear things that make you feel good about yourself.

Be unapologetic in whatever it is you choose to wear. Know how to dress for the occasion but there is absolutely no reason to lose your style identity while doing so.

What I love about Gertrude Silk is the cut of the dresses, they compliment the right parts of my figure and they feel like a second skin to me. As comfort in clothing is one of the most important things to me, this is the main reason why Gertrude is my favorite silk dress in my closet.

Most of my wardrobe exists out of black pieces, some white and occasionally some grey here and there.

The Gertrude dresses I own are in green and red. They are one of the few colored pieces in my closet.

My wardrobe has slightly changed since I live most days of my life on a tropical island. I guess my style is still kind of the same, but the pieces I use to represent my personal style are different.

I prefer to skip undies and bra’s in general because they make me feel uncomfortable¬†most of the time. It’s just way too hot.

I wear different materials than I used to because of the heat. I wear a lot of linen, cotton and of course¬†swimwear but at nighttime, I opt for silk. I show a lot more skin wearing my ‘island wardrobe’ and I’m absolutely fine with that.

If some people are offended by the way I dress myself these days? Presumably, but then again people get offended by a lot of things and I have no time to worry about that.

A fact I’ve realized through the years is how a piece of clothing can really change your mood for the better. I never really believed this, to be honest.¬† For a very long time, I didn’t really care about fashion or clothing much. I felt a little too cool to care. I preferred to kick it around in my sweatpants and sneakers. I still like to keep it simple, but now when having an off day I purposely dress myself up and that really makes a difference.

I never wear anything I don’t like regardless if it’s a trend or not but I also never choose clothes only based on if I like it.

Basically, I think you should know what works for you and what doesn’t and take it from there. You may love the neon yellow trend that is going on this season but if wearing a certain color makes you look like a popsicle or a pale pear it simply doesn’t work for you and you should leave it.

Whatever I choose to wear I always try to make it more my own by adding details that are not necessarily very common but are ‘typical me’. Even when I wear one of my Gertrude silk dresses, I usually style them with my Dr Marten boots or a pair of Vans sneakers sometimes as that’s just me. If I feel a bit more posh I’d go for some heeled booties.

I guess that’s also the beauty of these dresses. You can dress them up or style them down any way you like. By adding your personal style in little details the same dress can be worn in completely different ways. I love the diversity.


The BTS pictures of the interview are taken by the amazing Rubben. For a while the beautiful Gertrude Silk creations were only available in Australia and Bali but now that their webshop is online their creations are available for power women around the world.

Check out the full video of my silky talk with Gertrude below. And don’t forget to check out their webshop to get your own piece of Gertrude.