No lullabies

Today I went to a place that made my heart stand still, took my breath away, and stole my smile for a day or so. It was a visit to the S.21 prison in Phon Phen (Cambodia).

Can you imagine walking on the floors of evil, feeling total
emptiness? Extreme sadness? Bewilderment?

With every step I took I realized that on the same floor some very cruel things happened. And not even that long ago. It made me feel sick to my stomach.
Things you can not imagine, torture in the worst way. Humiliation, and taken of lives. Stealing of freedom.

It all happened to those who took the stand for freedom. The pictures are all that what is left of so many souls. Women, men young and old and even childeren and babies. There where so many faces, of all kind.

It happened, right on the floor where I stood today.

I kept thinking, yes this all really happened. It’s all real.

Although it felt and look like a horror-movie, this was life for many.

This was real.

Staring at the pictures, reading these stories and looking at the floor I felt so cold. I felt empty.

When I red the list of the rules the Red Khmer had made up for this new world they wanted to create I was looking at it with complete bewilderment. I couln’t stop looking at a part of it. So I made a picture of it so I can realize what freedom is every day. And how blessed I am for being able to live where I live, and being able to go where I go.

I can’t imagine what it would be like living in a world without
smiling, without joy, and filled with darkness, surrounded by hate.

Freedom is something that God gave us, and only He has the right to take it away.

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