Lovenote in Rome

Hey Mr,

I can’t help but wonder, I can’t help but stare.
I could, I should, but I wouldn’t dare..
Your eyes keep me staring and my knees are getting weak.
Your face is telling me stories, and for a moment I can hardly speak.
It is the strangest feeling, and yet again so familiar.
Like a dream, a dejavu.
Oh, how I can’t take my eyes off you, how I can’t take my eyes off you!
I want to kiss you in the rain. Even though I don’t know your name.
I have seen those eyes before.
They make me look right into your soul
They keep me hypnotized and longing for more.
Oh, bedroom-eyed-man; I need to know your name.
Take my hand and let’s continue our past life love affair.

    Can we?

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