Flashback to beautiful Versailles

Flashback to beautiful Versailles

They say time flies when you are having fun. And “they” are right! Today I realized it had been one year already since I decided to pack my bags for a little road trip to Paris and Versailles. I’ve been to Paris many times before but I never took the time to stop by Versailles which is only a short drive away! The palace of Versailles and its gardens are really breath-taking and worth the trip!

Let me share some snaps of this beautiful place with you all. ♥


Massive columns and ceiling paintingsparis-1292599_1920

Walking around the palace massive columns and beautifully detailed ceiling paintings were everywhere I looked.


“Oh hey there..!” Ps: Would you look at this wooden floor! I would kill to have this at my home.


The hall of mirrorsĀ paris-1227187_1920

This hall is simply breath-taking and so beautifully designed! Because of the dozens of people at the palace, I was mostly looking up when walking around and I couldn’t help but wonder what an unbelievably hard task it must be to dust off all theseĀ chandeliers..

Outside Versailles (the Gardens of Versailles)img_5484

Being outside the palace I found myself wandering around in the beautiful gardens, in between the countless sculptures, beautiful flowers and fountains. I was completely in my own poetic dreamland. So far away that I forgot to take any pictures of the garden šŸ™‚


The beauty of this building is kind of mesmerizing. And I couldn’t stop looking at it.Ā And again this floor…!!


Hall of statuesimg_5442

Being at places like this where the walls have countless stories to tell I always get so inspired. It’s at these kind of places where most of my poems are born. To read the little (Dutch) poem I wrote at Versailles click here

img_5443I was kind of obsessed with this floor at the hall of statues. Okay, I was kind of obsessed with the floors throughout and around the whole building.

Have you packed your bags already?