Damn right 2015!

Damn right, 2015 the only way is up!

The past couple of days, almost like every year around this time, I walk around on nostalgic clouds. The end of another year is near. I can’t believe how fast the time has flown by as I can remember last year’s NYE like it was only yesterday. I think about the plans I’ve made, the dreams I’ve followed and the ones I’ve made happen. Like the start of my new fashion and poetry lifestyle label Poet Jones which is yet another way to express my art and share my poetry with the world. I think about all that has crossed my path in the past twelve months and yet again I feel incredibly blessed. As the months turned colder, my heart grew warmer.

So much amazing stuff has happened and I feel richer with life and experience. I feel so grateful for all that has happened, the good and the bad as there is much I’ve learned. I’ve bumped into love and found comfort in places I never thought I would. And I’ve experienced loss and betrayal there where I never expected it. It makes me realize even more life is full of surprises and expectations aren’t any good to begin with in the first place. I’ve learned that my time is the most valuable thing I have and I should be more selective with whom or what I spend it on. I’ve learned that not everyone you lose is a loss. And even when in life you may think you have won, you always lose something. I came to the conclusion that the most important opinion about me is still my very own. People like feelings come and go and the only thing that is constant is change. And that is how it always will be. And even though I do not really like this at times, I better get used to it. It isn’t necessarily a bad or good thing. I guess this is just life and all I can do is live it, the best way that I possibly can. So I’m living, I still follow my heart wherever it may take me.


This made me end up on some amazing travels in this past year and I discovered beautiful places and got blessed with the most breathtaking views. The highlight is definitely the backpack trip through Asia that I’ve went on with my family, back to my roots and back to the basics. To where it all started, back to the core of my existence. It made me understand even better where I came from and surprisingly therefor also where I belong. I’m still overwhelmed with all that I’ve seen, experienced, learned, and discovered. I’m touched by those that I’ve met along the way on this particular trip and the way it has changed my heart. My heart and head are still on overload. That might be one of the reasons you haven’t seen much of it on my diary this past year. The past year I guess I went a bit more for the living in the moment kind of attitude and mostly offline. Something I kind of felt soothingly comfortable with.


But there is a new year coming and like everyone else I reflect and I look forward. I will continue with the living in the moment attitude but also with a bit more focus on the future as for the first time in a long time it looks so bright. I should write more, but not live less. I should take that as a daily ‘note to self’ from now on. I will share more of my moments, thoughts and memories. I’m looking forward to all the amazing moments I just know 2015 has in store for me. And I might climb up on stage again to share some bits and pieces of myself again. But above all I promise to put all my heart in all the Poet Jones creations that will follow and everything I decide to spend my heart on. Whatever the upcoming year may throw at me I promise you I’ll take it with passion. And I wish the same to all of you and I hope 2015 will bless you with all that your heart is craving for.

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