Blessings to 2015 & 2016

Like every year on the 31st of December I find myself sitting or rather floating through clouds of nostalgia while reminiscing of the past four seasons gone by like that.

And this time, it feels more suiting. In the weirdest way it feels that the past year has brought me closer to where I am supposed to be. So much has happened and at the same time it feels like not that much at all as it all contributed to growth and I found a certain comfort in growing a bit more into the true soul that I am today.

It’s funny how one is actually able to flow through life when heading in the right direction. This year was filled with love and experiences and mostly good times and I’m truly blessed to have been spending and sharing it with the people that surround me and are in my heart right now. You all worked like mirrors and the reflections made me learn so much more about myself yet again.

I met a lot of amazing people, I’ve built stronger relationships with friends and loved ones, reconnected with the real ones and found peace with lost and faded past ones. I’ve traveled to lots of new places and revisited familiair ones. I took the time to relax and enjoy life a bit more in the moment. And it’s exactly that what brought my mind more at peace and created space for new ideas and inspiration.

I feel grateful for all the experiences, the good times, the lessons and the laughs. But I wouldn’t be me if I did not feel a bit restless among all the peace as it turns on the fire and passion for life and its adventures that burns within me… And the wanderlust just grew a bit more on me.

There is only so much I can take on structure, peace and quietness. And there is only so much I can seem to learn about myself at one place. My brain and soul need constant stimulation. And the warrior spirit to beat out the all boredem is tameless. It are the dreams of far away places that still seem to keep me up at night, especially during the moon times of the last month of past year. Empty pages that need to be filled with the ink from a pen that transelates the urge to live a little more. And 2016 will be a big part of that.

Let’s say that this is only the beginning and that all that has been is not merely as important as what will will be. As I have a strong sense 2015 was only the calm before the storm of adventures 2016 has in store for me.

I can truly say 2015 brought a smile on my face and a tear for the Saudade. But I will carry that smile with me into the new year and I will continue on living the life that I’m suppose to be as there is no fullfillment or satisfaction in living anything less for me.

I will worship adventure yet also the insecurities that may come with it and give answer to my wanderlust while taking all the laughs and learnings I’ve gained until now with me on this path. And I promise you to share as many as I possibly can as I know now more than ever that only to share those lovely life bubbles is to give them real meaning.


Love always,


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