Joni Jones Siahailatua

poet & storyteller

My poem started in the dunes somewhere north of Amsterdam. Cold rainy afternoons made me pack my bags and travel the world looking for stories at new shores, on unknown roads and within the hearts of those I met along the way. 

I found my way to the tropics. Back to my roots at the beautiful and magical island of Bali. I’ve made home between rice fields and typed poems during the warm and balmy monsoon, the only rare time I would spend inside. 

A backpack, one pair of old converse, a notebook, a pen, and a curious heart. I didn’t own much when I arrived at the island. Eventually, I began to create products I was missing as a traveling writer and digital nomad. Things I couldn’t find around and wish I had brought with me while I was traveling. 

All Poet Jones products are handcrafted and made with a lot of love and attention. I’ve designed, created and burn marked every single piece together with the wonderful craftsmen and women who helped me create the paper and bind the books.

None of the products contain metal and are designed to companion you on your journey, both within yourself as wherever on this globe it might lead you.