The Jones
behind the poet

— Joni Jones Siahailatua

Running at life full speed and heart first, living life like a poem.

My poem started in the dunes north of Amsterdam. Beach walks, bike rides, long summer nights, chilly autumn days and rainy winter mornings. Too many rainy winter mornings.

A hunger for  beauty and hidden gems led my wandering spirit around the world. Traveling, experiencing, writing, creating, living and loving. A free soul, a backpack, pen and paper. I currently make my home between palm trees, rice fields and salty gusts of wind.

I own a typewriter, an analogue camera and a curious heart that never sleeps.

While roaming this wonderful globe I’ve made it my mission to leave traces of my poetry along the way touching the outer corners of your being,
starting fires and wars inside souls with my stories.

To those that are willing to take the time to read my words, thank you.
I hope my words and works find their way into your core and open doors that have been locked, hidden or unknown.
May my poetry find homes everywhere.

I hope that you find what you are looking for even if you aren’t searching.