The story

This story begins with the courage a woman who traveled to many places in order to follow her heart. From the tropical islands of her homeland to the colder environments on the other end of the globe.

Her courage is the core of all creations.

Her willpower and fearless way of living her authentic life was passed down generations later to a young woman who, while growing comfortable into her poetic skin, took a journey of her own.

Leaving the cold and crispy environments of her homeland to travel to the tropical islands of her roots. After years of roaming and writing, she started creating products she was missing while on the road.

The philosophy behind the Poet Jones creations is to encourage people to live free, authentic and close to their core existence.

The products

Classic designs for the modern day digital nomad and those with an appreciation for noble crafts. All Poet Jones creations have a story to tell.

Every single design is created in an attempt to get people motivated and inspired to write more in a ‘swipe right’ era.

“I would like for people to start writing their own story in their own authentic way. Through art, through music or any way that suits your soul. Let my designs contribute to you telling your story and join you on your journey”

Created for writers, artists, and the roaming souls. None of the products contain magnets and are crafted from natural materials, making them very suitable and safe to use around bank cards and other essentials.

Get inspired and go where the wind takes you.

The journey starts here…


Pocket Essentials

Pocket size classic designs

Digital Series

Classic designs for your digital essentials

All of Poet Jones products are all one of a kind and handcrafted with natural materials such as leather and cork. Every piece of material is chosen with care. The marks you’ll see on certain pieces add to their uniqueness and authenticity. The marks, scars, and color will change over time due to the leather aging adding to its own authentic story.