10 must have things you should have in your first aid travel kit

First aid travel kit

Some of the first things I advise you to pack before traveling must be a first aid kit. No matter if you are going away for a weekend, a week or a world trip. Accidents can happen every day at any time and it becomes really handy if you have some basic first aid materials on hand.

There are many different first aid kits available for travelers. Depending on what kind of trip you are planning to go on there are customized first aid kits available. For example, there are kits available for more active travelers like hikers, bikers or mountain climbers. But there are also more basic first aid kits out there.

I would advise you not to save any money on your first. These materials could save lives when it comes to that (hopefully not!) and if you are as clumsy as me you will probably need some of the stuff anyway.

To make life a bit easier for you I’ve listed the most important things you should pack into your first aid kit below.
first aid2

    In all forms and sizes, they can become very very handy. As a clumsy dumbsy I know.

  2. ORS (oral rehydration solution)
    ORS or any other medication that prevents you from dehydration when you get caught with a bad case of diarrhea. Especially when you are traveling to the Asian countries it’s almost unavoidable and every traveler will face this at least once somehow. ORS makes sure a bad case won’t get worse.

    Not only to make sure your brows are in check and not as wild and free as your soul while traveling. But also to remove wood splinters or any other inconvenient thing that should not be inside your skin.

    Having a fever is always a sign of your body that it should rest. Getting a sky-high fever is actually very dangerous. Ignoring a fever is not advisable. Just to check if you are having one and how high make sure you have a thermometer on you.

    Scratches, cuts, and all sorts should get disinfected as soon as you get them. During the process of healing, it should be cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis. Especially when you are traveling to tropical countries an infection is easily caught. Warm cities are also full of bacteria and a small mosquito bite can turn into an infected wound real quick, in case that happens, daily betadine and plasters do the trick. Believe me, I know all about it.

    Whether you are walking on flip flops 24/7 or changing into hiking shoes doing a 6-hour hike all of a sudden, your feet will have to get used to your new way of using them and you will get blisters for sure. Blister plasters are the answer and not available everywhere around the world especially not in the jungle, just saying.
    If you are like me you will easily break or bruise some fingers or toes. This tape is the kind you want to have when you have to splint your fingers, toes or fix any kind of hole in your mosquito net.

    To be honest this should be in your handbag rather than your first aid kit but because its use could prevent you from getting sick I  still had to put this on the list. I use this stuff on a daily basis when I’m traveling. Before every meal and after a toilet visit when there is no soap or water available. This stuff is everything.

    I’ve been using this for years for just about anything. I put this stuff on my dry skin, even scratches and small cuts. And it’s the perfect lip balm! Really, this stuff is always in my handbag even when I’m not traveling.

    I never take sleeping pills but always have some in my first aid kit just in case. Jetlags are very uncomfortable especially when you are traveling for work and you are expected to be fresh and active. Also when you are on an active trip it becomes necessary you are rested. These are not advised to take every night but can become handy in cases of long flights and such and noisy hotel rooms.