♡ WHISHLIST ♡ Top 10 Eco resorts around the world!

I haven’t been everywhere but it’s on my list…
Susan Sontag

They say it’s always good to still have something to wish for,well I have a whole list! As a full time traveller these days I’m always on the look out for nice and authentic places to stay at during my journey. These are the dream locations that are still on my whishlist.


1. Misool Eco Resort, Indonesia

Located in remote southern Raja Ampat, Indonesia this private eco-resort island is nestled deep in an archipelago of uninhabited islands. It’s not easy to reach this remote piece of paradise, but being there is suppose to make it all worthwhile. They have 13 breezy bungalows handcrafted out of salvaged driftwood. And I can totally see myself taking dives from one of them, straight into the clear blue ocean right in front of it.
Prices from $5,466 for 7 nights (minimum stay), including full board. www.misoolecoresort.com



2. Milia Mountain Retreat, Greece

In a small forgotten corner in Western Crete up in the mountains lies 15 rustic cottages built exclusively using local materials all reused and recycled. All is based on living in harmony with nature as organic methods are strictly applied to their farming techniques. Sounds like my kind of place.
Prices from $100, including breakfast. www.milia.gr/EN



3. Yangshuo Mountain Retreat, China

This locally owned ecolodge surrounded by limestone karst peaks is located about an hour’s drive, and a world away, from the bustling tourist city of Guilin, China. Their vision results in the prosperity of Yangshuo by creating opportunities for local people, and a deeper appreciation for their culture and history for all who visit them. The lodge with 30 rooms available supports local initiatives such as a school for children with physical disabilities.
Prices from $60. www.yangshuomountainretreat.com



4. Jicaro Island Ecolodge, Nicaragua

Only a short boat trip away from Granada lies 9 romantic casitas all constructed from salvaged hardwoods felled by a hurricane in 2007.  Jicaro Island Ecolodge donates a percentage of its profits to support new ideas to implement healthy lifestyle alternatives for members of the surrounding community. The primary goal of these projects is to provide sustainable solutions capable of improving the quality of life of the local community.
Prices from $390, including full board and round-trip boat transportation from Granada. www.jicarolodge.com


5. Damaraland Camp, Namibianamibia

At one of the most remote and pristine areas in Africa lie 10 very innovative, eco-friendly luxury units, all including a fireplace, bar, and swimming pool. Damaraland Camp is a pioneer when it comes to successful conservation programs in the wildlife of Africa. By creating immersive experiences they promise changing how their guests view the wild places of Africa and even the world for the better. Besides this they are also helping to conserve Africa’s spectacular biodiversity and share ecotourism benefits with rural people.


Prices; from $475, including full board and daily game-viewing activities.www.wilderness-safaris.com


6. Bulungula Lodge, South Africazuidafrika

At the end of a long dirt track lies Bulungula on South Africa‘s “Wild Coast.” Ten whitewashed traditional rounded thatched huts, co-owned and managed by Xhosa villagers,that use the sun, wind, and rain to provide daily energy needs. Their guests are warmly welcomed into this place that also provides economic opportunities for the rural community. There are miles of empty beach to stroll on while having endless conversations with the ocean waves. At Bulungula they believe traveling is about immersing yourself in new experiences and being open to take the time and learn to understand and love this place.

Prices:  from $39. www.bulungula.com


7. Feynan Ecolodge, Jordanjordanie

Right at The Dana Biosphere Reserve lies Feynan Ecolodge; another pioneer in the ecotourism field. This cozy and ecofriendly place has 26 rooms that are decorated with traditional handicrafts, made by the local community. At the Feynan Ecolodge they understand that their guests are on holiday and most of them may want to enjoy themselves without worrying about their impact on the environment and the local community, so they do the worrying for them. Even though I do not consider myself as part of that particular group of travelers -as I actually do care, even on a holiday and during my travels-, exploring 4,000-year-old copper mines that existed in the time of the Roman Empire, is high on my list. And this would definitely be the place where I would stay at.
Prices; from $110, including breakfast and Dana Reserve entrance fee. www.feynan.com|


8. Laguna Lodge, Guatemalaguatemala

This luxuriously natural boutique hotel named Laguna Lodge has six suites all created from volcanic stone, adobe and palm and with sweeping views over azure waters to a trio of dramatic volcanoes. Their mission lays in the achieving of the United Nations Millennium and Sustainable Development Goals by protecting and conserving assets of nature and culture through sustainable tourism. The dining tilts organic, fresh, and meat free, and the aromatic coffee comes from the lodge’s own gardens and is roasted on-site. I am convinced!
Prices:from $240, including breakfast and boat transportation to and from Panajachel. www.lagunalodgeatitlan.com


 9. Six Senses Con Dao, Vietnamvietnam

With the philosophy of selecting remote yet accessible destinations in areas of outstanding natural beauty, Six Senses Con Dao is the first five-star resort in the archipelago islands. With private villas all constructed from reclaimed teak, including over a thousand recycled antique wooden panels it’s for sure a very unique and authentic place to stay at. They only serve local and organic meals, have no plastic water bottles, and nontoxic biodegradable cleaning products and amenities.
Prices; from $580, including breakfast.www.sixsenses.com/sixsensescondao


10. Turtle Inn, Belizebeliz

This 25-room seafront hideaway delights guests with individual thatched cottages, decorated with handcrafted Balinese furnishings, all naturally cooled by the ever-present sea breezes. Turtle Inn partners with SEA Belize and Rainforest Alliance for marine conservation. Furthermore they have stainless steel water bottles and no plastic, an expansive organic garden and fresh seafood delivered by local fishermen supply the menu, along with a stash of choice wines from Coppola’s own vineyards. Sounds like eco-heaven to me 🙂
Prices; from $299, including continental breakfast.www.coppolaresorts.com/turtleinn